In-house laboratory

1-day results for most tests

Our in-house medical laboratory is fully equipped to run all diagnostics needed for the best in veterinary care.  This includes blood analysis for pre-surgical screening, wellness checks and sick patient evaluation.  We have the microscopes, stains and slides needed for a myriad of tests including on-the-spot evaluation of skin and blood samples, parasite flotation tests, and cytology to evaluate growths for malignancy. We also have arranged twice-a-day pickup for specialized lab tests that are run at one of the nation’s largest veterinary labs in Dallas, where we’re able to get one-day turnaround for most lab work.  There we have access to board-certified veterinary pathologists to help in the evaluation of test results.  All equipment has scheduled maintenance to insure accurate results and all reagents are kept properly stored and up to date.

Highland’s Pet Medical Clinic provides in-house, state-of-the-art digital radiography, with results in just minutes. Radiography is highly effective in helping the doctor arrive at a diagnosis. The efficiency of this system allows us to work quickly, therefore minimizing stress caused to you and your pet.

Dental x-rays help detect abnormalities that cannot be seen by the veterinarian. There are several reasons that dental x-rays are recommended:

  • To identify problems such as tooth decay, damage to supporting bones, and broken teeth.
  • To find crowded or impacted teeth.
  • To locate any abscesses, cysts, or oral tumors.
  • To check on the size and formation of permanent teeth, especially in small dog breeds.
  • To develop a treatment plan for more complex dental concerns.

Our state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray machine allows us to get results quickly, thereby minimizing anesthesia time during dental procedures.

Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive, painless way to look inside your pet’s body. We use the latest in ultrasound equipment to look for abdominal masses, evaluate organ size and check for pregnancy.