Regular exams

recommended: every 6 months

At Highland’s Pet Medical Clinic, we take a wellness approach to your pet’s health and that starts with regular preventive-care exams. We suggest a wellness exam every six months. Remember, 6 months to a dog or cat amounts to 2-4 years of human aging. A lot can happen in that time and issues left untreated can cause additional damage with more complex treatments and greater expense — not to mention additional suffering on the part of your pet.

During our semiannual exams we frequently find:

INFECTED EARS which can lead to hematoma, then ruptured eardrum, then middle-ear infection and deafness.
DENTAL INFECTION that can lead to pet pain, the need to extract some teeth, and ultimately systemic infection of the heart and kidneys.
FLEA INFESTATION usually leads to continual scratching and development of hot spots. Eggs and larvae can spread all over the home and lead to the need for home extermination procedures.

We’re happy to schedule your pet’s wellness exam around other items on its health maintenance schedule, such as annual vaccinations or semiannual pickup of the flea and heartworm prevention medications you administer at home.