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Dr. Mark Venghaus

Dr. Venghaus has been with Highlands since 1996 after obtaining his DVM from Texas A&M. See his full bio here.

Dr. Casey Hill

Dr. Hill joined Highlands after receiving her DVM from Virginia Tech. She specializes in feline medicine. Full bio here.

Allergic skin disease in dogs and cats

The most common clinical condition—by far—we see at our hospital is skin allergies.  Skin allergies can cause intense itchiness, hair loss, skin rashes, and therefore great discomfort.  Here we will explore the types of allergies, symptoms commonly seen, and available treatment options.
Type of allergies The types of allergies that dogs and cats can experience include: food allergies, flea allergies, and environmental allergies (called atopy) which are comprised of inhaled allergies and contact allergies from pollen on the skin.  In dogs, there is an even distribution of types of allergies, but the most common allergy in cats is flea allergy.  Dogs and cats may have multiple types of allergies at the same time, as is common in humans.
Symptoms Allergy symptoms differ between cats and dogs.  In cats, the most common presentation of the various types of allergies involves small scabs around the collar region.  Other less common symptoms can include hair loss or rashes on the abdomen and back legs.  In dogs, food allergy and inhaled/environmental/or contact allergies can present as redness and licking of the paws, recurrent ear infections, abdomen […]